Enjoy Summer Vacation!

As we continue to reflect on this past school year, we want to wish you a safe and relaxing summer vacation! Remember to take time to be outside, connect with nature, embrace the opportunity of having nothing to do, marvel in the beauty of Vermont, soak up the sunshine, and rejuvenate your soul.
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We hope to do much of the same this summer while also working hard to prepare for re-entry in the fall. We miss you all and will keep you all in hearts throughout the summer. Be healthy, be well, and be kind.

Feeling out of sorts, unmotivated, and more overwhelmed now than prior to COVID-19? Read this.

Have you found some days to be harder than others? Do you have a hard time getting motivated to do work? Are you feeling you are more easily overwhelmed than you have been in the past? Do you generally just feel “not like yourself”? Good news! The way you are feeling and what you are experiencing is NORMAL. Remember, we are going through a global pandemic - something no one alive has been through before, and we are all going through it together. It is a crisis, it may feel traumatic, and it’s hard.
We’re grieving and here’s why. Remember grief is temporary, but we will likely notice that we move between the various stages of grief because grief is not linear.
Grief includes six stages which have been defined by Kubler-Ross (see below). They include Denial, Anger, Depression, Bargaining, and Acceptance. David Kessler recently added “Finding Meaning” as the sixth stage of grief. You can learn more about this as David Kessler recently spoke with Brene Brown on her podcast "Unlocking U…

Harwood Union Spirit Week! May 18th-22nd

Follow the Assembly Crew on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK to see everyone's pictures  during theme days and post your own! Be sure to use the hashtags listed above!
Here's a message from our very own Mr. Plaid to get you excited for  Harwood's very first VIRTUAL SPIRIT WEEK!
Also, check out all the exciting Wellness opportunities and challenges posted in the Virtual Spirit Week Edition of the Harwood Weekly Wellness Calendar.

Why Movement & Mobility Are (especially) Important during a Pandemic

Exercise and movement are more important than ever right now because they boost the immune system, prevent weight gain, reduce stress & anxiety, improve sleep, and so much more! Any type of exercise or movement that provides us as humans the opportunity to connect our mind and body is important. Throughout the day, try to incorporate small amounts of exercise or movement as these moments increase energy, connection, mindfulness, engagement, and joy throughout the day to decrease feelings of helplessness and immobilization during this time.
Walking/Running/Hiking provide great opportunities to get outside, connect with nature, and move at whatever pace works for you. Try to get outside multiple times a day (morning, afternoon, and evening) to break-up the energy during your day. As many of you know, taking your animals for walks is a great excuse! Still, try to do these activities mindfully by noticing how our body feels as you move. Notice how your feet feel as they touch the groun…

Introducing Harwood Weekly Wellness!

In order to stay healthy during this stressful time, it is VERY important that we nourish our minds, bodies, and souls in a variety of ways throughout the day to keep us balanced. With that said, we are excited to announce Harwood Weekly Wellness opportunities for all students, faculty, and staff to connect virtually starting May 4th!All activities are related to one of three areas: THINK, FEEL, ACTTHINK activities take care of our MIND and BRAIN through challenging our mind or calming our thoughtsFEEL activities take care of our HEART and SOUL through connection to our emotionsACT activities take care of our MIND and BODIES through physical actionsA new schedule will be sent out each week. We look forward to connecting with you soon!
Check out the LIVE document here
Example schedule below. Access the LIVE document above for the most up-to-date information.
Week of May 4th-8th
Monday, May 4thHappy Star Wars Day!Tuesday, May 5thWednesday, May 6thThursday, May 7thFriday, May 8thMorning8:00a…

"Stay Home, Stay Safe" Staycation - April Vacation Ideas

We understand that April vacation definitely feels different this year for many for you. Some of you may have had vacations planned, were hoping it would be warmer out, or were simply looking forward to spending more time with friends.

Due to the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order, we decided it may be helpful to share some creative ideas with you as to how you could "Seize the Moment!" during this unprecedented time in our lives. Be silly, be creative, go outdoors and have fun! We hope you can connect to at least one you may enjoy!
CREATE A QUARANTINE "BUCKET" LIST of all the things you want to do with this gift of time!
GET OUTSIDE! Talk a walk in the woods, notice the plants coming alive in the spring! Notice the changes daily
PLAN A BACKYARD CAMPING TRIP... have a bonfire, make smores, and play flashlight tag START A 30 DAY CHALLENGE  - 30 Day Mental Health Challenge  - 30 Day Gratitude Challenge  - 30 Day Self-care Challenge  - 30 Days of Happiness

"Self-Soul-Spirit" : Weekly Wellness Tidbit - April 17th

Each week, Tara is sharing a Weekly Wellness Tidbit with our faculty that we will also share on our blog. This week the theme is “Self-Soul-Spirit” - a topic that can be reflected on personally and professionally. This week I attended a webinar regarding Children & Young Adults Mental Health during COVID-19 which was offered by UVM Continuing & Distance Education. Dr. David Tomasi and Dr. Andrew Rosenfeld were two of the four facilitators. I found this webinar to be VERY helpful for Adult Mental Health as well. Dr. Tomasi shared his “Triple S Model” which describes how COVID-19 is an existential experience in which we need to nourish the self, soul, and spirit.  Specifically, we need to take care of the... - Selfindividual and/or subjective experience. In thinking about ourselves and students, we need to feel understood through connection and community especially through face-to-face contact. - Soultranscendental and/or internal experience in which we as humans need to connect …